Implementing the Plan

The Immediate Steps Atherton is Taking to Implement the Climate Action Plan

The CAP provides an overarching, strategic framework for the Town of Atherton to achieve the goal of carbon neutrality by 2045. It is critical that the Town's Climate Action Plan remains a living document, to be updated and adapted as new technology becomes available, as policies progress, and to reassess the carbon neutrality goal for opportunities to accelerate progress. Strategies within this report will be implemented in a phased approach and it will take the efforts of all Town employees, the Environmental Programs Committee, and community members to be successful. The implementation strategy includes further analysis of critical projects, establishing project timelines, and estimating associated cost. Town staff will start implementation with the following efforts:

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Town Actions

Opportunities with Town Operations

Finalize a Municipal Building Portfolio study to understand the timeline and cost for replacing and/or early retirement of natural gas equipment and develop an electrification plan for the buildings at Holbrook Palmer Park.

The Atherton Police will move to purchase electric vehicles. Three patrol vehicles are already hybrids, four will be transitioning to electric when ready for replacement, and the remaining pursuit-rated fleet will be evaluated per the California Air Resources Board rule starting in 2024, we will need to have50% of our vehicle purchases be electric and 100% by 2027.

Deepen Partnerships with Local Energy Programs

Establish pathways for Atherton residents to access regional technical assistance, rebates, and financing programs including those offered by Home Energy Analytics, Peninsula Clean Energy, and BayREN. Create a one-stop-shop experience for residents where they are able to get concierge and customizable support on their home electrification journey. Leverage model policies from Peninsula Clean Energy and BayREN to encourage electrification.

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Expand Compost Giveaway Program

Offer compost at Holbrook Palmer Park year round for residents to pick up and apply to their landscapes. Find opportunities for contractors to access pile or other SB1383 compliant materials for larger remodels and new construction projects.

Pursue Funding and Assistance

Continue to seek climate action planning funding and technical assistance from regional, state, federal, and philanthropic sources to support developing new community programs, upgrading infrastructure and equipment, and calculating annual GHG emissions inventories.

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A Climate Action Hub for Atherton Community Members

Welcome! You are here on the Atherton Climate Action Hub for Community Members. The goal of this platform is to publish climate action plan data as an interactive dashboard connecting the community's goals with tangible strategies that you can take. You'll find curated programs, resources, and educational materials in one space that allows residents to find exactly what you need to support your sustainability journey.