What You Can Do

There are so many ways we can each make a positive impact on our climate. From making small improvements to your home to switching to an electric vehicle, you'll find local resources that will help you get started on your climate action journey.

Building Energy

By starting with a free and easy home energy assessment, you can identify the necessary changes to make your home more energy efficient and help us reduce our greenhouse gas emissions. 

Start with a free concierge energy assessment
Get rebates for appliance and system upgrades
Learn about our electricity provider Peninsula Clean Energy
a clipboard and calculator with a tiny model home


Transportation activities make up a significant portion of our greenhouse gas emissions. By switching to an electric vehicle or even better - using public transit - we can reach out emissions reduction goals!

Buy an electric vehicle or install a charger at home
Take the Commuter Challenge
two children on a scooter

Credit: Leo Leung - 4/22/2023

Solid Waste

Waste is inevitable but it doesn't need to be harmful to the environment. By making some changes to what we purchase, composting our organic materials, and sorting our recycling like a pro, we'll greatly reduce our emissions from waste. Remember, it's:

  1. Reduce
  2. Reuse
  3. Recycle

The order listed is the order of importance and impact. 

Apply free organic compost in your garden
Perfect your waste sorting
Be Foodware Aware at home and when getting take out
Find options for reducing, reusing, & recycling
Participate in the Town's Annual Waste Wise Event to recycle electronics

Next event is on April 8, 2024 at Holbrook Palmer Park
Three waste bins - green for yard waste, blue for recycling and gray for mixed compostables. Placed on curb outside a home.

Carbon Sequestration and Water Use

Just like we need to switch our vehicles from fossil fuels to electricity, the same is true for our landscaping tools. Learn how you can make an impact by switching to an electric leaf blower today! 

Switch to an electric leaf blower and get $250
Get a rebate to install a rain barrel
Prevent water pollution
Check in on programs offered by our local water agency
a person holding an electric leaf blower